Child burn victim comes home from hospital

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I'll never forget November 20th," said a tearful Carla Washington.

It was a day that changed the life of her daughter Kaylee Freeland, then 7 years old, as well as her own.

"I hope it's the worst thing she ever has to go through - surely it could not get any worse than that," said Washington.

A can of gasoline had sparked when Kaylee opened a clothes dryer in their home. Everything in the house was destroyed in the fire - but far worse - Kaylee suffered 3rd degree burns to 49 percent of her body.

Kaylee has spent the past month and a half since then at Shriner's hospital in Cincinnati.

It's where the family had to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Kaylee's 8th birthday.

"We did the best we could do," said Washington.

Saturday, Kaylee finally came back home. As her recovery continues, her personality is starting to come back.

"She's a very upbeat, happy, spunky little girl," said Washington, "and we're starting to see that again."

Every minute that is spent together is time her mom had once been worried they wouldn't have again.

"I'm just grateful she's here," said Washington, "she's strong and she's come a long way."

Washington says Kaylee has several more surgeries ahead of her for both mobility and cosmetic reasons.

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