No running water in Buckhorn

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Hundreds in Perry County are surviving without running water.

The water in Buckhorn is provided by the city of Hazard, and the pipes to the area have leaks which officials are working to fix.

"I haven't been able to shower, lots of unwashed dishes, there's a lot that I can't do because of no water," Buckhorn Mayor Veda Wooten said.

"Cooking, course we haven't been able to do laundry. We had guests over the holidays and that created problems," Mary Ann Sparks said.

There are also several businesses affected by the shortage, including this church.

"We had minimal people. About 24 people, which is one third of our regular service," Gayle Burns said.

One restaurant is having to cook using bottled water, and it is using styrofoam to-go boxes because they can not clean dishes.

"You have the Buckhorn Children's Center, school, and no water," Burns said.

Emergency management is providing cartons of drinking water to the area as quickly as possible, but the supply runs out fast.

"We just hope its fixed soon. You don't realize how big of a problem it is until you don't have it," H.C. Sparks said.

"Be tough. Hold on. We will eventually get water, and hopefully it will be soon," Mayor Wooten said.

But for people in Buckhorn, it can not come soon enough. Emergency management will bring about 360 cases of water to Buckhorn Monday morning. You can pick up water at the building next to the medical clinic.

Superintendent John Paul Amis says at this point, there will be school tomorrow in Buckhorn.

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