Swine Flu still poses health threat to Kentuckians

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While it hasn't been in the headlines lately, health officials say it is still a threat Kentuckians need to be aware of.
The H1N1 virus could be making a major comeback as we enter the flu season and officials say it isn't too late to get the vaccine.
Two waives of the H1N1 virus have already swept the nation and at the peak, local doctors say they were seeing numerous patients.
Dr. Fadi Bacha, with the Urgent Treatment Centers in Lexington, says "During the peak, we were seeing about 10 cases of presumed swine flu on a daily basis."

Dr. Fadi Basha is still seeing all sorts of patients but lately, none of them have had the swine flu.

"Have not seen any swine flu in about three weeks."

But State Health Officials say it is time to get prepared-again. Another
wave of the swine flu could be coming.

" We're not through with this flu season. We haven't even gotten to the peak of the late flu season which is typically in late January into February," explained Dr. William Hacker, Commissioner of the Department of Public Health.

Dr. Hacker says since the flu has been a problem over the last several months, it could give some folks the false sense that it is over.

"Typically the third wave may not be as bad as the first or second--but that's up to Mother Nature. The more people that get vaccinated, the more protection we're gonna have in the public," Hacker said.

Hacker also says its still not too late to get the shot.

"We certainly recommend individuals get the flu vaccine; it was slow in coming, but finally its here."

With one-and-a half million doses in the state and counting, Hacker says there's no excuse.
He says the vaccines are readily available at most pharmacies, clinics and doctor's offices.

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