Road managers respond to wintry blast

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In Rowan County, the snow began falling again Monday evening after a first round of wintry blast hit earlier overnight and into the morning

The most recent wintry blast caught some off guard, including the Rowan County Road Department.

"The snow that came this morning caught us by surprise," says Tim Stevens, a supervisor for Rowan County Roads.

But road crews quickly got to work, taking about eight hours to lay down salt on county roads.

Dakota Smith, or Rowan County, says the snow even prevented him from going to work. His neighborhood roads were in such bad shape, he says he couldn't get out.

While the road department says it did get a late start, road officials say they are ready this time for a second round of a wintry blast.

Road officials say 150 to 200 tons of salt have already been used to keep the roads safe.

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