GPS tracking devices proposed for domestic violence cases

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A bill that would help Kentucky domestic violence victims will also be getting a lot of attention during the general assembly.

If passed, it would include the use of GPS tracking devices, for those who've had a protective order filed against them.

Tuesday, lawmakers held a rally kicking off stalking awareness month. The guest speaker was Debbie Riddle, whose sister was killed several years ago by a stalker.

The rally comes as lawmakers discuss high profile bills this legislative session like Amanda's Bill, aimed at tackling issues associated with domestic violence. It's named after Amanda Ross, allegedly killed by a former lawmaker himself, Steve Nunn, who she had an emergency protective order against. The proposed legislation includes the use of protections such as GPS monitoring systems.

"It's basically a deterrent. It lets the offender know we are tracking them," says GPS Home Incarceration Director Jim McFarland.

It's a piece of technology Riddle supports and says may have prevented the murder of her sister.

Currently, the device would cost someone $14 a day, an argument against the technology. Supporters say the cost would go down the people are added to the system.

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