Kentucky Drivers May Soon Speed Up on Interstates

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Several new Kentucky laws will go into effect starting June 26, and among them will be an increase in speed limits on Kentucky highways, from 65 to 70 miles per hour.

The new law was approved by the Kentucky General Assembly's 2007 session, but it still may be a while before you can speed up.

Some Kentuckians may be under the impression that since the speed limit change is one of many new laws set to go into effect next Tuesday, they can start driving 5 miles per hour faster that day, but that's not so.

The law as it is written gives the transportation secretary permission to adjust speed limits if he deems it necessary. The change will only affect rural areas where you don't have a lot of interchanges. Urban areas such as Louisville and Lexington aren't going to increase so they'll still remain 65 miles per hour.

The transportation cabinet hopes to complete the entire changeover including signage the week after the fourth of July.

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