Police Chief Solicited For Sex

About 800 residents call Crab Orchard home. And, most of the people around this small Lincoln County town flanked by farms and Amish folk know their local police chief, except for one woman apparently.

“It was a shock to me,’ says Chief Butch Phillips.

Chief Phillips says he was off duty and working in plain clothes when Cassandra Falin pulled up and asked him if he wanted to party. Only this party wouldn't include balloons or confetti.

“She let me know that for $40, she'd go down the road and have sex,” says Phillips.

Phillips played along, but said he needed to get some money and left. In the meantime, he called a deputy, and when he returned he got on the phone with the local 911 center, but pretended to call his wife, saying he would be late.

Phillips says Falin didn't suspect anything and even made the proposition more expensive. “Her last offer was $100 and a pack of cigarettes,” he says.

Falin was arrested and she was charged with a misdemeanor. The next day she paid a $100 fine and pleaded guilty.

Police say the woman tried to lure other men in the town and even approached customers leaving a store. But a prostitute soliciting a chief has become the talk of the town.

“She's 25-years-old and it's a sad thing,” says Phillips.

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