Goose With Arrow Lodged in Chest Found, Arrow Surgically Removed

Fish and wildlife officers captured an injured goose that had an arrow through it's chest Wednesday, after weeks of trying to capture it.

The goose was found in a pond in front of the old Lexington Mall. That's where the goose with the arrow through was first spotted last May 28th.

Fish and wildlife officials finally caught the goose Wednesday morning, and it's condition didn't seem to have deteriorated much.

Dr. Walker, a Lexington veterinarian, says the goose's demeanor was bright, alert, and active.

Dr. Walker says, "I am very surprised. I thought the infection would set in and he would get sepsis and or bacterial infection in the blood stream. That would cause major problems for the bird and that we would have definite problems and he wouldn't survive. I think that means that it's just gone through the breast muscle or even into the bone itself."

But after taking x-rays to make sure no vital organs were involved, the skilled veterinarian was able to surgically remove the arrow with no problems. She foresees a fairly quick return to the wild for her patient.

The Penny Royal Animal Hospital funds all of its wildlife surgeries through donations. Anyone who would like to help by making a donation can call 859-277-4315.

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