State Highway Work Speaks Out About Terrifying Accident

He thought he was going to die. A state highway worker says he remembers every second of a terrifying accident on Interstate 75.

26-year old Brandon McIntosh was removing debris from the highway in northern Madison County when a van traveling at high speed ran right into him, sending him flying into the air.

Now, just two days after the accident he’s talking about his close call with death.

“I remember the impact. I remember him hitting me. I remember the impact throwing me into the wall."

McIntosh says he never lost consciousness, “I was lying there on the asphalt it was so hot."

A nearby state trooper helped keep him calm and conscious while paramedics arrived at the scene. "All I thought was about my girls, my family, I’m thankful I’m alive I owe it to one person, the good lord"

Macintosh was taken to the UK hospital with a broken leg and other injuries. He is expected to make a full recovery, but will months of rehabilitation.

Police say it was an accident and the driver of the van does not face any charges.