Man O'War Makeover; New Study Proposes Major Changes To Heavily Traveled Road

Chances are if you drive in Lexington you are probably guilty of complaining about the traffic on Man O'War Boulevard.

Now there are plans to fix what's being described as a congestion zone. The suggested improvements deal with nine miles of Man O'War from I-75 to Nicholasville road.

There are 21 traffic lights along this stretch and the city says something needs to be to fix the congestion. So the plans include widening Man O'War to six lanes from the interstate to Richmond Road. There are also some suggestions to get rid of some traffic lights.

The city would also add roundabouts at Crosby Drive, Rapid Run and Armstrong Mill.

The biggest change may come with an overpass at Nicholasville Road, essentially traffic on Man O'War would go underneath Nicholasville Road.

Most drivers we talked to welcome the changes even if they're just in planning stages.

The city has already spent 250-thousand dollars on the report itself.

The actual road work is expected to cost in the tens of millions of dollars. The city still doesn’t know where the money would come from, but council members do admit something has to be done to ease the congestion on Man O’War.