Cold weather inconvenient for some, dangerous for others

The recent cold snap has keeps heaters going non-stop for some Bluegrass residents but it also poses some serious risks if you stay out in the elements too long.

Utility companies are working just as hard as your heaters to keep the energy flowing to Kentucky homes. East Kentucky power says it supplies 500,000 Kentuckians with power used to heat homes and businesses.

They say the cold snap is putting us close to record breaking numbers in terms of energy usage, but as we stand now there is no threat for widespread blackouts due to the cold weather.

Not only is the cold weather putting a strain on the utility companies but a University of Kentucky ER Doctor says prolonged exposure to the cold can also be harmful to your health.

Dr. Ryan Staton says to pay attention to signals your body gives you, shivering for example is just your muscles attempting to warm themselves up, Dr. Staton says if you stop shivering it could be early signs of heart failure due to extreme cold.

He also says to keep an eye on children, saying it may be fun to play in the snow but once the kids clothes get wet, the heat is sucked from their bodies putting them at risk of hypothermia.

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