Still no water in Buckhorn

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Water is being restored to some areas of Perry County this weekend, but not to everyone.

The water first shut off in Buckhorn three weeks ago. It was turned on briefly after Christmas, but for the last two weeks, hundreds have not had any running water.

"It's tough. it's really tough. it's aggravating, it's discouraging, and sometimes it's a little hard to understand," Pat Wooton, who lives in Buckhorn, said.

Businesses in Buckhorn are struggling too.

"It's cut our business in half. Before, we used to do $900 dollars in the kitchen, and $500 in the winter time. Now we just got $66 dollars in our kitchen food for the entire day. So it's rough," Charles Abner, who works at Kristen's Cafe, said.

But, there is help coming into the city.

"We have had outstanding cooperation from organizations. It's just not a thing that you can solve in a short period of time," Wooton said.

Emergency management crews are bringing bottled water to the town, but people still can not even shower or wash dishes.

The National Guard arrived to help on Tuesday. The Guard is trying to purify water from the lake and pump it into the city.

"We had some success yesterday with it. We've had a little problem with one of the units. We're about to start the second unit and see if we get some water pumping again this afternoon," one National Guard member said.

City officials are working on other possible solutions to the water problem as well, but it has been a frustrating situation for the whole area.

"It's not like electricity where you can just turn it on or off. Water's a slow process," Wooton said.

Officials are cautiously optimistic they can get water pumping soon.

If you do not have running water, bottled water is available at the Perry County Maintenance Garage and the following local fire departments: Avawam, Viper, Cornettsville, and Lost Creek.

The rest of Perry County is still under a boil advisory.

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