Woman rescued after fire sparks in Lexington apartment

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It was a dramatic rescue Sunday after a fire breaks out inside an apartment building. Firefighters had to use a ladder to save someone from a third floor unit.

The fire broke out around noon at Dinsmore Apartments on Dinsmore Drive in Lexington, off of Fontaine Road.

Fire investigators say it was a cigarette someone didn't put out properly that started the fire, in an apartment unit on the first floor.

Roy Messer, a resident at Dinsmore Apartments, says he wasn't about to take any chances.

"When I found out this was going on and everybody was screaming and yelling, I ran upstairs and went next door," says Messer.

Messer and Stewart Simpson began knocking on the doors at the apartment complex trying to get people out, as the fire spread.

"I woke up and someone was beating on my door," says Sarah Al-Kahraisha. "I just got overwhelmed with smoke, and I couldn't even see in the house anymore."

Al-Kahraisha says firefighters soon rescued her from the third floor, where she refused to leave her dog.

"I just grabbed my dog and tried to get out of the apartment, but I couldn't see, and it was so dark with smoke," says Al-Kahraisha.

Fire crews say they were able to contain the fire to the apartment where the fire started on the ground floor, but not before evacuating the building, leaving many like Al-Kahraisha fearful of what all they lost so early in the year.

No one was reported injured, though some were checked out for smoke inhalation.

The fire was contained to the apartment where it started. Those who live in the other apartments in the building have been allowed to go back inside.

The fire has been ruled accidental, and no charges are expected to be filed.

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