Mother of domestic violence victim speaks about legislation

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For the first time, the mother of Amanda Ross, the young woman police say was killed by former lawmaker Steve Nunn, sits down to talk about the tragedy and upcoming legislation to prevent this from happening to others.

Diana Ross spoke to 27 NewsFirst today about her daughter Amanda Ross.

"She was strong and brave and she was very funny. full of laughter. she had a beautiful grin and she loved living. she loved life", says Diana Ross.

Amanda Ross was shot outside her Lexington townhome on September 11th, 2009. Police charged former lawmaker Steve Nunn with killing her, despite a court ordered emergency protection order against him.

Diana Ross says the tragedy needs to spark change. She is helping to push legislation called "Amanda's Bill" that would follow nearly a dozen other states in monitoring certain domestic violence offenders.

"The victim is gonna know when they are in their space and able to have time to call the police or use their own protection", says Diana Ross.

The device would require them to wear a gps electronic monitoring system that would let both police and potential victims know where they are.

Diana Ross says her daughter got a protective order against Steve Nunn because she felt she was in danger. She says she believes if this law had been in place her daughter may still be alive today.

"Because she wouldn't have stepped outside her door if her perpetrator had been wearing a monitor", says Diana Ross.

She's just hoping when lawmakers vote on the bill they consider how prevalent domestic violence is and how it can happen to anyone.

Last week the House committee gave unanimous approval to this bill, which heads to the full House on Tuesday.

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