Man Accused Of Killing Clay City Police Chief Indicted

A Powell County grand jury wastes no time and indicts the man accused of killing the Clay City police chief. It wasn't expected to happen until next week.

Thursday, grand jurors indicted the chief's accused killer on three different charges.

Prosecutors say 37-year-old James Barnett killed Clay City police chief Randy Lacy last Wednesday morning.

The chief had pulled Burnett over for drunk driving. He arrested Barnett and put him in the back seat of his cruiser.

Despite being handcuffed, prosecutors say somehow Barnett was able to get a hold of chief Lacy's spare gun and then shot him from the back seat of the cruiser.

A passerby called 911 after coming across the scene.

Police arrested Barnett, still cuffed, nearby.

Thursday afternoon, Barnett was indicted for capital murder, escape and theft for stealing chief Lacy's gun.

The next time Barnett is scheduled to be in court is July third when he will be arraigned.

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