Families seeking help for heat

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Glenda Hicks says she's had a tough couple of years.

"Since the car wreck, I haven't been able to work like I use to," says Hicks.

Currently unemployed, with three children, she says her situation doesn't seem to be improving.

By the end of this week, Hicks' electricity bill needs to be paid or else it will be cut off.

As the weather stays cold and the economy continues to struggle, representatives at the Community Action Council say people are coming through their doors in force, seeking help.

The organization just kicked off its energy assistance crisis program for families, paying a one-time bill for families in jeopardy of getting their primary source of heat shut off.

Since October, nearly 8,000 people have received the assistance, but many fear the worse isn't over yet.

Jack Burch, the executive director of the Community Action Council, says Kentucky isn't even in the coldest part of the year, and people won't see those bills until February or March.

As for Hicks, she says relief is in sight. She was just approved for her one time assistance with her bill.

Community Action Council representatives say they don't know how much longer their funding will keep up with the demand. They are seeking private funding to help.

To reach the Community Action Council for assistance or to make a donation call:



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