Times Running Out for Registered Sex Offenders

Next Tuesday, a new law goes into affect requiring sex offenders to register their online identities, such as email addresses and screen names.

The information will be posted on the sex offender registry website along with the offenders information. State police say the number of offenders complying has increased.

State police say many kids fall into a trap, and become a victim to predators when they are enticed with gift.

State police work hand in hand with national agencies to investigate, and infiltrate sex offenders crimes, everything from child porn to prostitution rings.

The Kentucky State Police say their policing of the Internet is just a small piece of the puzzle in fighting pedophiles.

They say parents must monitor their kids web-surfing and use that new information that will soon be available on the online KSP offender registry.

Sex offenders' email addresses and online identities will be available to the public after June 26Th.

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