Missing Fisherman Found Safe In Whitley County

Two Whitley County fishermen are safe and sound after spending more than 24 hours stranded along the Cumberland River.
Darryl Waldroup and Phillip Bland were found just before noon on Thursday after search and rescue crews spent about 12 hours trying to find them.
The two men set out on a boat on the Cumberland River near the Redbird community on Wednesday, but their wives called for help when they didn't return to their pick up spot that night.
“They were more upset than we were. We just got a little cold, hungry, ate baloney,” said Bland.
The men rain into trouble when they hit shallow water and couldn’t continue any further in their boat.
They started hiking back to the boat dock, but when it started getting dark they stopped and set up camp.
The next morning the man started hiking back. They noticed helicopters flying over head and assumed their wives had called rescue crews.
Waldroup said, “I wish she’d have more confidence in us. But I can't blame her. You are talking about a river and there's so much that can happen.”
The two men eventually ran into a search team that was out looking for them.