Retired KSP trooper killed, wife and another man injured in explosion

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Retired KSP trooper 80-year old Shannon Corman was killed, his wife Louise and another man injured after an explosion in a garage behind Corman's Lincoln county home.

The explosion happened just after 3pm Tuesday in the garage where police say Corman and 57-year old James Frank Greenwood were working with black powder. Police say Corman was a licensed weapons dealer and would often mix black powder for reloading weapon cartridges.

The explosion was so intense it could be felt from 20 miles away in Pulaski county. James E. Moser was first on the scene at the Corman house and found 75-year old Louise Corman laying in the driveway screaming for help. After helping her, Moser says he saw Greenwood on fire underneath a wall that had fallen on him. Moser says he helped pull him to safety and tried looking for Corman, but the flames were so intense he could not see him. Moser also says ammunition was going off everywhere, so he had to get out of the area.

When police and firefighters arrived, they found the body of what they thought was Corman near the back of the house near the garage. Louise Corman and Greenwood were flown to UK hospital. Corman was in serious condition, Greenwood in critical with burns to nearly ninety percent of his body.

Kentucky State police investigators say something ignited the black powder, but they aren't sure what it was. Trooper Chris Lanham said it could have been a cigarette or some type of heating source like a space heater.

Shannon Corman used to own a gun shop in downtown Stanford. Police say he was very well known in the area for handling weapons.

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