Transportation Cabinet employees testify

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Several Transportation Cabinet officials
have taken the witness stand in a trial in which former
Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert and road contractor Leonard
Lawson are accused of steering millions in contracts to Lawson's
Among those testifying Wednesday was Donnie Miracle Jr., who
said Transportation Cabinet employee Jim Rummage approached him for
bidding information.
Rummage could take the stand as early as Thursday in the case
against Lawson and Nighbert. Prosecutors say Rummage is a former
state highway engineer who was the middle man and delivered
internal estimates to Lawson at Nighbert's request. Prosecutors say
Rummage reluctantly accepted thousands of dollars in bribes before
reporting his former colleagues.
Lawson and Nighbert are accused of using insider information on
government contracts to steer some $130 million in road
construction projects to Lawson's companies.

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