Lexington man fears the worst for relatives in Haiti

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A Lexington man is still waiting to hear from relatives in Haiti, and is fearing the worst.

Reynold Alcius spent the first 30 years of his life in Haiti, but the last five here in the U.S. He now lives and works in Lexington.

It's been more than 24 hours since the massive earthquake struck, and Alcius still doesn't know if his father, mother, and four siblings are alive.

He usually talks to his mother, Carmen Chauvin, and his father, Saintelus Alcius, every week. He has not been able to reach them. Both live near the center of the disaster.

"Every hour I'm calling people - morning, night - 20 numbers, nobody picks up the phone," said Alcius.

Other Haitian friends of his who also live in Lexington are in the same situation.

"There is no communication whatsoever with Haiti right now," said Alcius.

Every image is heartbreaking as he watches video and looks at pictures of the disaster.

"It's takes away a part of you," Alcius said, "things you identify yourself as Haitian with them, they're gone."

But what Alcius struggles most with is the fact that he isn't there.

"It's like you're supposed to be over there," Alcius said, "You feel you want to do something but you can't do it."

So he's taking action and working with the Kentucky Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee's Rights to raise money for emergency aid.

In the meantime, he waits for a call from home, that he worries may not come.

"We still keep the faith but we are prepared for the worst," Alcuis said.

Alcius works for St. Agnes house in Lexington, and says donations for earthquake aid can be made through any Episcopal church.

He has also helped set up a fund at Fifth Third bank.. called 'U-4 Haiti,' which is through the Kentucky Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

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