Good Question: Why did WKYT change its weather maps?

Our goal in redesigning our weather maps was to make the weather as clear and easy to understand as possible. To accomplish this, we felt it was important to make the details and differences among weather systems as prominent as possible.

The new First Alert Defender dual polarity radar – the most advanced and powerful weather tracking tool in Kentucky – can pinpoint the vast differences that can exist in a single, severe weather event. With pinpoint accuracy, the First Alert Defender can show how one storm can create heavy rain in one neighborhood, hail in another, and light rain just a short distance away. During winter weather events, the differences can sometimes be even more pronounced.

To demonstrate these differences, our weather technology uses a vast number of colors and 3D technology. To ensure you can easily see these differences and that they stand out on the screen, we decided to have land masses appear in a neutral color that lets viewers best see the weather above it.

Our previous weather maps included land masses that were green and showed a greater amount of typography. This meant the maps were already busy and cluttered before clouds and storm systems were placed above. Storms – especially ones that had a great amount of varying intensity and, thus, colors to denote those differences – didn’t stand out and seemed to blend in to the land masses underneath.

In addition to the change in color for the land masses, our new seven-day forecast and numerous other graphics used to explain the weather are brighter, animated, and easier to read.

We hope you continue to watch and see the difference in how we explain the weather each and every day.

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