Kentucky couple in Haiti helping earthquake victims

Donald and Patricia Curtis are missionaries in Haiti. 27 NEWSFIRST has been communicating with them via email. They let us know today that they are okay, but shaken by this week's earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

The Curtises are about 30 miles north of Port au Prince. They took pictures in the days after the quake. They tell us they're still experiencing major aftershocks. Their buildings sustained major damage, that's why they say they're prepared and ready to evacuate, sleeping fully clothed and ready to go in the event their building becomes unsafe. Today they planned to work in a village where the Haitians have lost everything in the quake; nothing left of their homes but a pile of rocks.

The Curtises, who work for Children's International Lifeline based out of Powell County, say they're staying for now, doing what they can to help those who have nowhere to turn.

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