Haitian students wait to hear word from families

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Meet four students from Kentucky State University, all Haitian Nationals now waiting to hear word from their families.

"I couldn't eat or drink," Olguety Lambert, a KSU student.

But Olguety Lambert just heard Thursday morning her family is safe, as the three others continue to wait.

"I just know in my area, the church is gone, the school where I graduated is gone, but hopefully my family is okay," says Mario Francillion, a KSU student.

Mario Francillion's family all live under one roof in Porta-Au-Prince, including his mother, sisters, nieces and nephews. However, he has yet to hear from any of them.

The students attend Kentucky State as part of the SEED program, all on a mission to take what they learn in the U.S. to better the countries they call home, but this tragedy has made it hard to focus on their studies.

"I'm the oldest in my family, so I should be there to help them," says Nauikee Marcelin.

Marcelin has yet to hear from her father in Haiti who was heading to Porta-Au-Prince for business when the earthquake struck.

"I can't sleep," says Marcelin. "I call everyday, every night, and I can't help it. It's my father."

Though it's been difficult, the students are trying to stay positive, and finish the work they've started.

"We are the future of Haiti," says Rock-Andral Ludger, a KSU student.

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