Man charged with killing 79-year-old man now charged with two other murders

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department says a recent murder has helped solve two cold cases.

Police have now charged Michael Abner with two unsolved murders from the 1980s.

Police say Abner confessed to killing 80-year-old Mamie Mercer back in 1983 and 87-year-old May Stringer in 1988.

Stringer was originally thought to have died in a fire but investigators now say Abner confessed to strangling her.

Abner was arrested Tuesday after the murder of his neighbor 79-year-old Jack Roerink.

27 NEWSFIRST spoke with Mercer's Grandson, Andy Mercer, who says dealing with this new information has brought back waves of emotions.

Mercer says while he is happy that someone has been linked to his Grandmother's murder 27 years ago, it's still hard because some of his own family members were thought of as suspects during the initial investigation.

The lead investigator of the Mercer murder in 1983 was Jim McWhorter, who now works as the deputy coroner in Pulaski County.

He also tells 27 NEWSFIRST that he will sleep a little easier tonight knowing that a cold case, 27 years old is one step closer to being solved.

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