Accused murderer suspect in discovery of woman's remains

A disturbing discovery in a central Kentucky county.

Police found a woman's remains this morning and say they've been buried there for years.

The remains were found in Powell county near Clay City.

The discovery may give a a family answers in a seven year old missing persons case.

No one has seen Sabrina Vaughn since late 2003.

She was dating Bass Webb at the time.

Webb is now linked to the brutal murder of his girlfriend this past July.

Police won't says say if the remains found last night are believed to be those of the Montgomery county woman.

They will say Webb is a suspect in this new death investigation and even explained the possible connection between this woman and Webb.

"They were dating one another---if it is in fact the person we believed to be buried," Montgomery County Sheriff Fred Shortridge said.

A Montgomery County inmate led police to the desolate location along Echo Valley Road. Police say that inmate provided them with information that led them to question two other people. Police brought those two people to the area to point out where to dig.

Police hope to make a positive identification of the remains early this afternoon.

They have already talked to the family of the woman they believe is the victim.

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