Galilean Home Co-Founder Laid To Rest

Many people say Sandy Tucker was simply an ordinary woman who did extraordinary things. And children....more 800 over 35 years...were witnesses to it.

“To each child individually..what she did was life.....and or greater quality of life......
She rescued them..and to that life.....that was everything,” says her daughter-in-law, Alta Tucker.

So on Monday...more than 500 people...some simply next door neighbors..others from as far away as Canada....came to bid her farewell.

“You can shed tears that she is gone or or you can smile because she lived,” says Sandy Tucker, brother, Perry Burda, one of several who delivered messages at the two hour service.

One minister said it wasn't a was rather a homecoming..or a celebration. He said funerals are for the dead...and he said Sandy is very much alive.

“Things will change a little bit,” says Galilean Children’s Home worker Michael Burt ”But we do, have things that will go on. We made a promise to her.”

Even her name...short for Cassandra...translated in Greek..describes her life.

“Sandra also means helper and defender of humanity,” said Burda.

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