Kentucky Cold Case Homicide playing cards going to inmates

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There are nine states in the country that use playing cards to spark leads in cold cases. Today Kentucky became the tenth state on that list.

In a partnership with Lexington Police, the Department of Corrections, and Bluegrass Crime Stoppers, a number of prisons and jails from across the state will receive decks of cards featuring information about homicide victims, so that as inmates are playing cards they may start talking about the victims.

There are unsolved homicides in the deck of cards dating back to 1976. Many of these victims with family members hoping this will help in solving the crimes.

Christine Kavanaugh is hoping it will help solve her uncle's homicide case. In 1994 Toby Kavanaugh was found dead in his home, badly beaten.

Christine keeps in touch with police often about her uncle's murder, and like many other families, is now hoping these playing cards could help.

Officials hope it will quickly lead to information in some of these unsolved cases.

Police say the idea for the cards traces back to the Pentagon. You may remember they used a deck of card in 2003 during the search for those associated with Suddam Hussein.

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