Man arrested after Lexington shooting

Two people were treated at UK hospital after an early morning shooting.

Police have arrested one while the other remains in critical condition.

Police say 19 year old Nathan Neal is responsible for shooting 30 year old Phillip Masengale in the chest, somehow both would end up in the hospital and eventually Neal would be charged with assault.

Hours after a shooting on Carlisle street Sunday morning, police learn information that brought them to a trash can a few blocks away from the crime scene.

Covered in blood, Police were able to pull a gun, some ammunition, and a piece of cloth from the garbage, all of which is now evidence in the city of Lexington's latest shooting.

A shooting that has Jon Henderson, a little worried because of how close he lives to the shooting.

"A lot of kids live around here and you fear for them."

Henderson says he woke up just after the shooting.

"I was just making sure nothing was out here, I came out here to check and I saw cruisers."

Police say the shooting was sparked by an early morning fight and it remains under investigation.

Police say they interviewed the suspect at the hospital and that interview led them to find the gun.

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