Kentucky woman dies in New Zealand rafting accident

People in London say Caroline Lackey and her family are well known for their business interests but perhaps the 59 year old woman was best known for her involvement in her church at Corinth Baptist.
Reports are that Ms. Lackey and her family were on vacation on the north Island of New Zealand and were rafting on the Mohaka River when their raft capsized and Lackey fell out and drowned. Lackey was a member of Corinth Baptist Church and her family owned several businesses, many of which were inside the building that shared their name. Those who know her say the Lackeys traveled frequently to New Zealand and engaged in boating and rafting. Now they’re dealing with the loss of someone they loved and admired.

New Zealand is some 9,000 miles away and the Laurel Co. coroner here says he is working the U.S. Consulate in that country in efforts to return her body to the states for the funeral. Bowling Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements but the coroner says the funeral will probably be at Corinth Baptist Church.

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