Police searching for convicted rapist who didn't turn himself in

He plead guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl.

But a week after a central Kentucky man was supposed to turn himself in to begin a 10 year sentence, he can't be found.

A warrant is now out for Anthony Thompson's arrest.

Kentrickia Allen claimed her daughter was raped by Thompson in May, 2008. Thompson was Allen's live-in boyfriend at the time.

Thompson pleaded guilty to rape on December 11. He was sentenced to 10 years, five years for the rape, and five years for being a persistent felony offender.

But instead of serving the sentence immediately, Allen says the judge in this case, James Ishmael, ordered Allen to return to jail on January 11.

"I guess for him to take care of unfinished business," Allen said. "As if 18 months wasn't enough."

Allen says the fact Thompson is now on the run worries her.

"It just runs through my being to know you can drug and rape a child and still walk around Lexington," Allen said.

Despite the ups and downs of the case, Allen's daughter is planning to attend college, become a social worker, and help children who've gone through similar experiences.

Lexington Police say once Thompson is caught, he will face additional charges for failing to turn himself in.

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