82-year-old charged with selling drugs while bartending

FRANKFORT, Ky (WKYT) - Frankfort Police say beer and liquor aren't the only things a bartender was serving up.

Police arrested 82-year-old James Broughton on Tuesday and charged him with trafficking in a controlled substance.

It was a tip that started the investigation into what was happening at The Downtown Bar. Police say during that investigation they obtained evidence that Broughton was selling pills while bartending at the bar on St. Clair Street.

"At the time of executing the arrest warrant the officers did also seize a quantity of hydrocodone tablets," said Major Fred Deaton with the Frankfort Police Department.

Deaton says putting together a case like this doesn't happen overnight.

"This information was brought to the attention quite some time ago, several weeks ago, and for the officers to be thorough and establish enough probable cause it does take some time," he said.

While the workers at the Downtown Bar weren't excited about the media attention, Deaton says these type of charges are all too common.

"This goes to show us that unfortunately the drug problem will permeate any aspect of society. Age, income level, has no difference," he said.

Broughton told WKYT's Victor Puente that he was not guilty.

"All of this will be sorted out in court," he said from behind the bar at The Downtown Bar on Thursday afternoon.

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