Missionaries describe dire situation in Haiti

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"The need is so great I can't even describe it," says Patricia Curtis who spoke to NewsFirst via webcam from Haiti. Curtis and her colleagues with Children's International Lifeline are based about 30 miles outside of Port au Prince. The group is based in Clay City and provides numerous missions-related services to the people of Haiti including feeding stations, schools, and orphanages.

President and CEO Donald Curtis says refugees from the Haitian capital are beginning to pour into surrounding villages including the group's compound.

"We have three to four thousand people that we didn't expect," he says.

Curtis says the group has two cargo containers full of needed supplies but simply can't get them into Port au Prince. He says the logistics of getting aid into the country are very complicated.

"It's bottle-necked, everything is stopped," he says.

Curtis says the best thing people can do right now to help out with the situation in Haiti is to donate money to reputable charitable organizations like his.

"The money will go right to Haiti," he says.

You can find more information about the work Children's International Lifeline does in Haiti by visiting their website, www.childrenslifeline.com.

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