Attempted Kidnapping Suspect On The Loose

Police were called out to Masterson Station Academy on West Main Street in Lexington after a man approached day care workers trying to pick up a child that wasn't his.

The suspect went to the fence at the back to Masterson Station Academy, asking to pick up a specific child. Tthat child's mother works at the daycare, and didn't know who this man was.

Workers told the man that this was not proper pick up procedure, and brought all the children inside. The suspect then picked up his cell phone, "pretending" to call someone, then walked off.

Police are now looking for the man who matches the following description:

Age 20 - 25
Black Male
About 6 feet tall
Medium build
Wearing white t-shirt and blue jeans

If you have any information related to this case, you are asked to contact the Lexington Police Department.

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