Daniel Boone National Forest Banning Fireworks

The extremely dry conditions across the state are now affecting how some people will celebrate the Fourth of July.

For people planning on spending the holiday in the Daniel Boone National Forest that celebration can't include fireworks.

Fireworks are banned in the Daniel Boone National Forest beginning Today, Wednesday June 27th and continuing for 120 days.

Park officials hope that this will be enough time for the forest to recover from the ongoing drought.

Mitch Gandy with the Daniel Boone Parks Service Says, "Normally everything would be green and we wouldn't have a problem with fireworks starting fires. Right now with all the leaves and everything are very dry and any fireworks that hit the ground could potentially start a fire."

There have already been 70 reported forest fires this year, burning more than 58 hundred acres. With the Fourth of July just a week away, officials don't want to take any chances.

Gandy also says, "We have had conditions this dry in the past and we've had fireworks start multiple fires and we don't have enough resources to get around to all the fires."

If caught with fireworks, you could be fined $75 per firework in your possession. If a fire results from your fireworks, you could potentially be held responsible for all of the suppression costs for that fire, which could result in thousands of dollars.

According to Mr. Gandy, "You potentially could be held liable for all of the suppression costs of that fire in order to put it out which could result in thousands of dollars."

Officials say this is the driest year on record, and the first time since 1999 they've had to ban fireworks altogether.

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