Woman sentenced for killing her husband

A central Kentucky woman convicted of killing her husband learned Tuesday morning how long she'll spend in prison for the crime. A Rowan County judge gave Pam Bartley an eight year prison sentence.

A jury convicted Bartley of second degree manslaughter back in December for the 2007 shooting death of her husband, Carl Bartley. He was shot in their Montgomery County home.

Pam Bartley has maintained her innocence since her arrest more than 2 years ago.

Bartley plans to appeal the guilty verdict and the judge told her if she can post a one million dollar cash bond she would be let out of jail for the appeal process.

A notion that didn't sit well with the victim's brother, Bill Bartley says he doesn't see how a woman convicted of shooting a man to death can walk the streets after a jury finds her guilty.

Supporters of Pam Bartley say she is coping well in jail, and they look forward to the appeal process hopeful that Pam Bartley will be able to clear her name.

Her trial was moved to Rowan County because of pretrial publicity in Montgomery County.

Pam Bartley will now be eligible for parole in about two years.

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