Police Say Murder Victim Is A Man

Who the person still is isn't known, but police now say a man was murdered and his body burned in a barrel.

The gender identification was challenging for the forensic pathologist because police say the bones were incinerated.

“She took measurements from some of the bones, according to charts and records,” says Laurel Co. Det. Charlie Loomis of the work Dr. Emily Craig performed on the bones in Frankfort.

Now, the job is a little trickier, trying to find out just who the person is and whether he was reported missing.

“I am getting phone calls from people who say they may know who the person is,” says Det. Loomis.

Police say the man was murdered, and then the killer tried to cover up the crime.

“Apparently, the killer or killers tried to dispose of the body by burning the body and they did a pretty good job, but not complete.”

Police say they've received calls about missing people from throughout southern Kentucky.

“It is a challenging case. It's an unusual case; definitely not a smoking gun type case. We do have some leads. We had been getting some information and rumors in the past.”

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