Search crews find truck and driver who plunged into Kentucky River

Rescue crews from six different counties were back at the Kentucky River early Wednesday morning, to continue the search for a man who drove off a road Tuesday afternoon, into the water. They found the pickup around 1:30pm. They say the body of the driver, Jessie Young, was still inside.

Two different people called police Tuesday to reporting seeing the pickup drive off State Road 451, near the Yerkes community of Perry County. Sheriff's deputies say the two witnesses yelled at the driver to get out of his truck. They say he told them he was okay, but that was the last they saw of him as the truck sank farther into the water.

Young's neighbors joined rescue crews searching the water Tuesday. They were back Wednesday morning to assist again. Divers say searching the water was difficult due to the swift current in the area and the amount of debris in the water.

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