Dogs, cats stolen from shelter

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More than a dozen dogs and cats were stolen from the Harrison County Animal Shelter. Early Sunday morning, thieves broke in through a window and took their time picking and choosing the animals they wanted to take.

Allen Fryman says they took six black cats and three others, along with six small dogs. He fears they could be using the animals for bait for dog fighting. Not only the animals, they also took sixty bags of dog food and ten bags of cat food.

Fryman believes the thieves could have spent more than an hour inside the shelter picking through the cages and hauling them into a truck parked in a back field.

A $1,000 reward has been put up for information leading to the people responsible for the shelter break-in.

On Wednesday, the shelter received several donations from people in the community.

Shelter workers say they've received many phone calls from people asking what they need.

They say they still do need some food for the dogs and cats there.

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