Kentucky mission group returns from Haiti

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A group of Kentuckians once stranded in Haiti finally arrived home early Wednesday.

The mission group from Capital City Christian Church in Frankfort was supposed to return last week.

They had to travel to the Dominican Republic to get a flight and arrived at the Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky Airport shortly before 12:30 a.m.

The group's bus from the airport to Frankfort then had an oil leak.

They had to stop in Georgetown and take separate vehicles back to Frankfort.

When they finally arrived, they were greeted by some loved ones.

"Went on two trips to Haiti," explained Bobby hall, who had just returned to the church. "One before the earthquake and the one after."

All 12 missionaries had stories to tell.

"A group of about seven or eight of us were on the beach when the earthquake hit," explained Bob Scott. "Four were in the water when the earthquake hit. I was on the beach on the sand and it knocked me over."

"We were in Port au Prince the day of the earthquake--- we experienced the quake in the car," explained Mandi Scott.

She says her group was supposed to be in a school for disabled children at the time, but couldn't find a place to park outside.

"Had we gone there.... we may have ended up in the rubble ourselves."

Now, the group says more than ever, they want to go back.

"It was really hard to leave because we really wanted to help.... But without equipment, we couldn't do much," Hall said.

Mandi Scott said "I would love to go back and help. I would encourage anyone to send money or any kind of aid they can."

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