Southern Kentucky Man Says Sheriff's Deputy Attacked Him

There's some confusion in southern Kentucky over an assault case. The victim says the man who hit him claimed he was a sheriff's deputy in Whitley County.

But the Sheriff says he never knew this deputy. This all started when Christopher Brewer bought a gun from Tony Ramey's son, Perry.

But Brewer claims the Rameys then asked for the gun back. Brewer then asked for his money back, but a fight began. Brewer says both Perry and Tony Ramey attacked him, causing cuts in his head and cracked ribs.

The Rameys were arrested and charged with assault. Perry is still in jail, but Tony is out on bond.

Brewer says during the assault, Tony Ramey told him he was a Whitley County Sheriff's Deputy. But the Sheriff says it's not true.

Now that's under investigation. Some officials say there is a document saying Ramey was sworn in.

Ramey denies going to Brewer's house under the guise he was a law enforcement officer.

He says he just wanted to get his gun back and things got out of hand. But Brewer says he opened the door and was ambushed. Whitley County Sheriff Lawrence Hodge denies Ramey ever worked for him, and says he's never seen him.

He's also upset his department was brought into the argument.

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