Bake sale for the budget held at Kentucky Capitol

They went to the Governor’s office with some money in hand Wednesday, collected by having a bake sale.

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth raised $200, by selling cakes, cookies, and muffins, all for the budget, which Governor Beshear says will be very hard to balance this year, with a billion and a half shortfall.

The group says Kentucky needs tax reform to stop the bleeding. Rep. Jim Wayne is sponsoring a bill that he says will lessen the tax burden on the poor.

Wayne’s bill would tax some services and leisure activities untaxed now. For example, you pay taxes when you visit an amusement park, but you don’t pay them when you play golf.

It’s similar to another bill sponsored by Bill Farmer that calls for taxing such things as haircuts, yet his legislation would also lower the sales tax.

Governor Beshear said Tuesday night he will listen to tax reform proposals, but he said it will not fix the current budget dilemma.

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