Missionaries from Frankfort return home from Haiti, share story

A mission group from Kentucky makes it back home, just as the situation in Haiti worsens.

A powerful, 5.9 aftershock hit Haiti today, adding to the trauma earthquake victims are already going through.

While members of Captial City Christian Church in Frankfort narrowly missed Tuesday morning's seismic activity, they've seen, firsthand, the suffering after last Tuesday's earthquake.

"It's probably going to get worse before it gets better," says Bob Scott, one of the 13 missionaries who left for Haiti earlier this month.

Kyle Scott was one of the youngest of the team of 13 missionaries who set forth to Haiti. Now settled back home, the group reflects on their experiences, and they share images they documented throughout their trip.

"Still getting settled right now, but the fact I was a part of that, I won't forget it for sure," says Kyle Scott, a high school student who went to Haiti for the first time.

The journey home wasn't easy. The team was in Haiti for nearly a week more than planned. They were finally able to get to the Dominican Republic and fly out there.

"It was important for me to communicate back home not only to let them know we are ok, but also to help us get back home," says Clinton Hall, one of the leaders on the mission trip.

While thankful to be home, the team says their hearts, however, are still in Haiti.

Two of the missionaries are still currently in the Dominican Republic, but they are expected to be back home in the morning.

Tonight the missionaries shared their story with church members. Many say the trip has changed their lives forever

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