Police investigate case involving assault, stabbing and turtle

A violent confrontation early Thursday sent one person to the hospital with a stab wound and police say he will soon be going to jail.

The fight broke out on Grinder Court in Nicholasville, near Short Shun Road.

A fight started inside the apartment after police say a woman may have been torn between two men. During the fight, someone threw the family turtle out the door.

Officers say a man and woman live in the apartment.

Overnight, police say the woman was planning to move out, then had a change of heart.

That is when officers say another man barged into the apartment.

Police say that man and the man who lives there got into a fight.

Officers say the male roommate ended up stabbing the other man.

Police say the stabbing victim will face charges. Police say the resident was defending himself and won't be charged.

A turtle that had been inside the apartment -- and thrown out the door -- was later found. Its shell was cracked. The turtle was otherwise okay and returned to the apartment.

The man who was stabbed was taken to St. Joseph Jessamine to be treated for non life-threatening injuries.

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