Scare over religious object causes emergency landing of Louisville bound plane

A scare in the sky Thursday, caused by a high school student flying to Louisville with sister to visit their grandmother. Their flight was quickly delayed when he started praying with an object called a tefillin, black leather boxes used by people of Jewish faith to pray.

The flight crew didn't recognize the object and decided to land in Philadelphia to investigate further. The teenager's grandmother, Frances Winchell, says using the object is a common practice for her grandchildren. "They are religious kids. They say their prayers and use the tefillin."

Other people who were onboard the plane at the time were shocked by what happened. "The scariest part was police coming on board with a 9 mm telling everyone to hold their hands up", said Joe Slatterly.

The boy and his siter were taken in and questioned, then put on another flight to Louisville. Their grandmother is taking it all in stride, saying "it was an exciting moment for them. They will be able to write an essay on how I spent my time going to see grandma."

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