Wanted: A Few Good Men And Women

Lexington police say they need a few good men and women to join their police force.

The city is facing a serious shortage of officers and now police are pleading to the public to step up and serve.

Chief Anthany Beatty is all to aware of that void; he says the department is in the red when it comes to the boys in blue.

New officers haven't been put on the road in over a year and Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry says that's gonna change.

A big part of getting those 50 new officers on the road is finding 50 qualified people in the next few months, but it's no short process.

The 50 new recruits will likely start their training in November, but before that they'll have to clear a number of hurdles.

Chief Beatty says passing those tests is difficult which could make finding 50 qualified officers in just a few months even harder.

But Beatty says he won't lower the achievement bar. Police started accepting applications Wednesday, if you're interested contact Lexington police.

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