Visitation held for retired KSP trooper

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The Stanford Baptist Church was filled Thursday night with people who came to remember the life of 80 year-old Shannon Corman.

The retired KSP tooper was killed in an explosion at his home last week.

"As a member of the KSP we're part of a family," said Trooper Eric Taylor, "he's a family member."

Trooper Taylor and others paid their respects at the visitation.

"It's a brotherhood, so that's why we're here," Taylor said.

Trooper Taylor grew up knowing Corman, who he says would tell stories of law enforcement in a different day and age.

"He told me stories about not having a hand-held radio so he could communicate with the dispatchers," said Taylor, "there was no taser gun.. no pepper spray."

It was a tragic incident involving gun powder that police say led to Corman's death last Tuesday.

Corman, who was a licensed weapons dealer, had been working with black powder in a garage behind his home when there was explosion.

Corman was killed - his wife and a friend were injured.

"He was just a good-hearted person," said Corman's grandson, Joshua Bastin, "he liked to help people that were less-fortunate, and for me I know he came to my rescue many times."

"He reached out and touched a lot of people," said Bastin.

Which was clear by how many people came to start saying goodbye.

"He gave so much while he was employed," said Trooper Taylor, "so this is our way of saying 'thanks.'"

Corman's wife Louise could not be at the visitation because she is still recovering from burns and a broken hip from the explosion. However a web cam was set up so she could speak with friends and family at the church.

Corman's funeral will be held Friday at 12:30 p.m., and he will be buried at Camp Nelson at 2:30 p.m.

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