Child porn investigation leads to bomb scare

A building evacuated, a man taken away in handcuffs and a novelty alarm clock all played a role in a bizarre scene at an office building on Custer Drive.

It started when FBI agents went inside the serve a warrant.

61-year old Kenneth Rowe was arrested as part of an FBI investigation into child porn allegations.

During the arrest, a FBI agent spotted what they thought to be a bomb on Rowe's desk.

State Representative Bill Farmer works in the building and knew exactly what agents had found

"It looks like six sticks of dynamite with a clock. It's been there for several years," Farmer said.

The bomb squad was called in, x-rayed the object and determined that the item in question was a clock.

Rowe is being held at the Fayette County jail on child pornography charges.

Lexington Police and Fire did evacuate the building while the bomb squad went in for a closer look at the device.

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