Cold temperatures make KU bills soar

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KU customers are opening pricey bills this month after an unusually cold spell. Meanwhile, Columbia Gas customers are seeing lower bills as a result of natural gas prices being the lowest they have been since 1998.

Cliff Feltham, KU Spokesperson, says, " The temperatures through mid-January were extremely cold and with people trying to stay warm, they used a ton of kilowatt hours."

Feltham explains that while you may not have adjusted your thermostat in your home, the meter has been working double-time to keep your thermostat at that reading. The result? KU bills have soared and customers are getting sticker shock.

Fortunately, Feltham predicts that the bill next month should return to near normal for this time in the winter since temperatures have moderated significantly.

Customers who are having trouble paying for expensive bills can seek help at the local Community Action Council office.

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