911 call released in deadly Bullitt County shooting

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She admitted to police she shot her husband, and told them she was sorry. Now the 911 call from Betty Jane Harder from her Shepherdsville home has been released.

It was at a home on South Shore Drive in Shepherdsville on Tuesday that a call was made to police.

"What's going on there?" asked the dispatcher.
"I accidentally shot my husband", says Betty Jane Harder.
"You shot your husband?" asked the dispatcher.
"Yes", says Harder.

Betty Jane Harder admits to the dispatcher she shot her husband, Ross Harper. Her two children were also in the home at the time.

"Okay, where is he at right now?" asked the dispatcher.
"On the floor in the kitchen", says Betty Jane Harder.
"On the floor in the kitchen? Where did you shoot him at?"
"In the kitchen", says Harder.
"Where at on his body?"
"In the head", says Harder.

The dispatcher then tells Harder to get her two children into a different room. Harder tells the dispatcher she and her husband had a scuffle and that was when she shot him in the head.

"What were you two fighting about?" asked the dispatcher.
"I don't know. We haven't been getting along lately", says Harder.
"Okay, and where did the gun come from?"
"I bought it", says Harder.
"Why was the gun out when you were fighting?" asked the dispatcher.
"It was in my hands", says Harder.
"Why were you holding it?" asked the dispatcher.
"I'm so sorry", Harder tells the dispatcher.

Betty Harder is charged with murder for the death of her husband. Police are still investigating the shooting.

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